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Untitled (2022) fog

To veil and unveil, expose and obscure, to be present and to be invisible: such is the rhythm of Grensen. Nestled between giants (trees, developers, and the university), Grensen asserts its continued presence, and importance, in public discourse time and time again.

Unlikely the same as yesterday is a group exhibition at the exceptional GRENSELØS, which just by itself, already holds great meanings and attitudes. Architecture students produced this venue for a highly debated place in Trondheim called Grensen. This exhibition presents works that trigger the context and reinforce the needed discourses revolving around history, politics, art and actions.

(Untitled) is an artwork by Per Stian Monsås and Agnieszka Foltyn in which GRENSELØS performs the act of appearing and disappearing.


Trondheim Open, Unlikely the same as yesterday @ GRENSELØS, Norway

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